The product “Holder for glass painting” is a product for the children, it is a tool to do a paintng on the glass.

Material : Sheet Glass 1.75 mm thickness and MDF 2.5 mm thickness mm (for leaser cutting).

Purpose of the Product :- Make children aware towards the material “GLASS” and its properties.

User Age Group :- 6 and 10 years.

Write up:- A contemporary material/ medium such as glass to be introduced to children to make them aware of its wonderful characteristics and strengths through the activity of play. Through play and interaction this will also help them to explore, visualise, create and express.

Playing is one of the important expression of human development in childhood. It is helpful in development of motor and cognitive skills. This product appropriately combines many activities for child’s interaction, such as; drawing, writing, colouring and supports their exploratory characteristics.

Market research shared absence of glass product for children to interact with, owing to its brittleness. In view of this children are not aware of this wonderful futuristic material.

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