A good sound suppressor offers great benefits to the hunting experience. It saves the hearing of the hunter and his dog, reduces recoil, improves shooting and causes less disturbance. Yet, many hunters have mixed feelings towards suppressors due to their military aesthetics and heavy weight. Focus on design, innovative engineering and user-friendliness has made the F280 effective, lightweight and robust. The streamlined encapsulation gives an unique expression and distances it from the stigmatising look of a traditional suppressor. Instead it creates a natural affiliation with the aesthetic of a classic rife. The distinct shape is also vital to structural strength. The suppression rate of 25 dB is remarkable when the small size and weight is taken into account. The handling and experienced weight is enhanced further by having the center of gravity behind the muzzle. An other design-feature is the parabolic structure in the front designed to reflect the sound waves away from the shooter. The silencer is designed to be opened for maintenance without tools. We use Aerospace Aluminium in the housing and Titanium in the most critical parts yet the cost is not higher than the competition

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