Other than most of the trends on the skateboard market at the moment, talking about the rise of all colored plastic-fashion-skateboards, or the other extreme, battery-driven high tech longboards, Emil tackles the path back to basics. It’s a board with wheels. It’s pure, it’s fun, it’s a skateboard!

Rectangular shape, sharp rails, no bends, no curves – on the first sight, Emil ain’t got anything what seems to define a skateboard. But it has got everything you need for a kick ass surf on the sidewalk!

The “Hipster” would probably call it the “Fixie” of skateboards and an architect might say: “I didn’t expect Walter Gropius making skateboards?!” And both are right! “Back to the roots“, “form follows function“, and “less is more“, that’s all part of Emil.

An Emil Board is made of maple ply wood, which became the most reliable material in skateboard manufacturing over the last decades. Inspired by the movie “Back to the future 1”, the todays unique square shape refers to the very first skateboards of the 50ties. Combined with modern quality hardware, the love for handcraft and the passion for the sport are put together in a simple wooden, super fun board. Emil

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