Eco-Engineering series covers a wide range of subjects. You may experience the power of magnetic levitation on our Maglev Train Model or transforming wind energy into daily life with Build Your Own Wind Turbine; learning the solar energy has not been as easy as build your own models with our solar kits; it would be a good project to nurture habit for children of recycling using Tin Can Edge Detector Robot, Junkyard Drummer or even Rubbish Cart Robot; With 5-in-1 Super Dynamo Circuit, children are able to understand how electricity can be generate from dynamo motion.

This series is combines Green Science and Engineering which provides a brand new experience for children education. This concept is well received from our customers around the globe. Moreover the Eco-engineering series has obtained outstanding achievements not limited to 2016 Academics’ Choice – Brain Toy Award (USA), Preferred Choice Award; Seal of Excellence Award, Kids Product of the Year Award from 2016 Creative Child Magazine; Toy Fair Best New Toy Awards 2016 in UK.

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