INTRALOT DREAMTOUCH Lite Next Generation is an innovative gaming kiosk designed to create a compelling user experience and to intercept users in a wide range of venues, such as retail stores, stadiums, pubs and airports.
Continuing DREAMTOUCH product family, it is featuring a new ergonomic industrial design that benefits from enhanced modern aesthetic. Main features include:

* A 32’’ Full High Definition touchscreen in portrait orientation, which redefines players’ experience, resembling personalized gaming experience that is usually provided via mobile phone devices.
* 35 degrees vertical inclination, of touchscreen is inviting players to the game play.
* A glossy bodywork and available branding areas for artwork stickers and call-to-action messages to increase promotion intensity upon location.
* Embedded wheels on the stand base enhancing portability.
* Strategically placed bill acceptor, credit/debit card POS payment, ticket checking and NFC to facilitate ADA participation.

DREAMTOUCH Lite NG hosts TAPnBET, an innovative sports betting game concept of prefilled bet slips for easy and fun gaming, particularly for impulsive players and those unfamiliar with betting

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