Diver is a robotic toy made for learning and educational purpose. Kids can expand their creative innovation by playing with it. Diver offers a great freedom for kids to edit their motions and eye expressions by scratch software. They can program their own dance show by selecting songs to make learning fun!
The wheeled robotic, Diver can avoid any obstacles flexibly. Kids can draw on the paper with black ink to create their own routes. Diver will run the path by its own sensor of line tracking. Each step is accompanied by a lovely tone, turning the path into a musical notation.
To operate Diver, you can use voice commands directly or manually control it with mobile apps.
Moreover, kids can turn on the video camera and take a snap shot with Augmented Reality (AR) figure cards. Family can play together and share the best moment of life. The most important is that kids can learn and create the programming of robotic and create their own companion at the same time. Enjoy Diver, our robotic toy, to nurture the young, brilliant, budding minds in your kids’ life.

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