‘Chag’ picnic mat is easy to use by one person. Also, It is a unit type product that can be used with many if you increase the size by connecting. It can be folded in a small size, handy to carry with ease, and carried in a light bag. This product will make your Urban Picnic lifestyle more convenient and cooler. The size of ‘1000mm x 700mm’ is the size that people can enjoy the picnic lightly. There is a zipper on both sides of the product, making it easy to connect with other mats. The size of the mat is connected by a zipper, you can enjoy the size of the picnic for many people. At the end of the picnic, you only need to bring your own mat. You no longer have to take a heavy, big picnic mat. This product is made of light and waterproof material. So even when it rains, clothes do not get wet. And even if you pour food into the product, you can clean it right away.

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