Arte=from Spanish language for art, skill, and ingenious (cunning)
Arte= bookmark, napkin holder, paperweight, fabric clip, key-ring, etc.
The design idea is to create functional souvenir that has multiple function depending how the user interpreted and how they want to use it.
It has Asian beauty and ingenuity from the wooden holder yet has western functionality for the Arte itself as whole. It is simple yet elegant design that easy to carry, to use and to love. Its design concept was inspired by creating an object that simple yet important and very personal, personal as it will depend how the user want to use and interpret the function of the Arte.
It well blended between feminine design from the usage of the wood and its simple clean design yet masculine from the usage of copper and the shape of the arte itself, together it is a universal design that can represent culture and personal identity from the way the user interpret and use the Arte.
Arte is an object of desire that was born by the designer Asian cultural background with very European lifestyle due to the designer personal constant engagement with those cultures.

Materials: solid stainless steel, and walnut wood.
Prototype designed and produced in Europe, 2011.

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