Arckit – Imagine It Build It.
Arckit is a revolutionary scaled architectural model building design tool, which allows you to physically design and bring your ideas to life, easier and radically faster that ever before. It is based on modern building techniques consisting of a series of interconnecting modular components that click together to create multiple building types. Sir David Chipperfield, global architect, calls Arckit a ‘Sophisticated Lego’ while budding architects refer to it as ‘Reality Minecraft’.

Arckit removes the difficulties associated with traditional model making and therefore opens up the possibility for everyone to build advanced, precision architectural models without the need to measure, cut, glue and stick wasteful materials together. Arckit is an utterly unique freeform modelling system in the world which is highly practical, fun, educational and inspirational.

Arckit is an affordable, reusable system of an ever increasing series of components. As well as our new components coming on stream, you can also design your very own bespoke components to integrate into our system and we will print them for you. In this way Arckit becomes the platform to ‘build off’ with limitless possibilities.

The Arckitexture Library on our website is where you come to freely print off real building material images and apply them to the surfaces of your structures using the removable adhesive sheets supplied in each kit.

Arckit components are also freely available digitally within SketchUp 3D Warehouse so you can design on screen as well as in reality.

Arckit comes in 4 kits sizes, Arckit GO, Arckit 60 , Arckit 120 and Arckit 240. The number on the larger kits reflects the sq.m to scale possible with each kit. A box consists of the various components, component tray, a beautiful introductory booklet, Arckitexture adhesive sheets and a high quality reusable box with magnetic opening. We have also introduced our individual component pack range which will grow continuously into the future.
Arckit – Imagine It Build It.

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