The FP-90 Digital Piano combines Roland’s flagship sound engine and keyboard with a sleek, modern cabinet – along with a multi-channel speaker system powerful enough for performing at intimate venues.

The top panel has been redesigned to result in an easy-to read easy to use and timeless interface.
The front panel’s round buttons combine a cool, minimal aesthetic with practical usability. A newly designed ‘light-guiding’ lens ensures each button is highly visible, even on dark stages. The elasticity of the coil springs used within each button mechanism also means they feel great when touched.

The FP-90’s speaker system is designed to project powerful, high-quality audio – even though it’s housed within a compact cabinet. By adopting high-efficiency amplifiers and by fine-tuning the bass reflex port to suit the FP-90’s flat cabinet, a clear and evocative sound is achieved.

The slim profile of the keyboard’s end blocks complements the elegance of the piano keys. Their recessed design also reveals the wooden sides of the piano keys at each end of the keyboard.

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