Before Populele appeared, music and notes were invisible, and Populele could not quantify the boundaries of play and music in visual and playful terms. He could see them in the visual rhythm, and incorporate the notes into the music, so as to introduce music to children over 4 years of age. Populele has a voice recognition chip, through the correlation algorithm to calculate delay compensation, letting the phone in real time judge and tell beginners whether their play is correct;The creation of a New Musical Self-taught Game system”MUSIC OS”To truly achieve “5 minutes of playing music style”.
Populele’s design is inspired by the appearance of “chocolate biscuits” and combines the bionic design language to highlight the high quality of the fun lightweight style, breaking the 100 years of the traditional Ukulele inherent impression. which realizes the “half-color spray” curve and shape of the industry’s first. No holes and environmental protection and non-toxic spraying technology, the original curve cute design language, perfect matching Populele happy and fresh style.

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