minilogue is a next generation 4 voice analog polysynth, based on analog circuitry that has been designed from the ground up with today’s musicians in mind.
The design concept was set to NEW VINTAGE.
In line with a modern day product which harnesses the power of classic analog synthesis, I aimed at simultaneously realizing the two seemingly contradictory images of NEW and VINTAGE.
·Beautifully curved aluminum panel
The aluminum panel that starts from the front of the keyboard, as if growing out from the work surface, accentuates the slimness and sharpness of the body, giving a daring and edgy impression.
·Real wood gives the vintage feel
Synthesizers often use wooden cheeks on the sides, but this product places wood on the rear with focus on the audience’s line of sight rather than the player.
This achieves a distinctively iconic image onstage, even when stacked amongst numerous other equipment.
Other features such as the logically arranged knobs and the oscilloscope waveform display add to the addictive pleasure of sound synthesis.
All this has been realized at an affordable price point, which is crucial for my goal to make analog synthesis accessible to a wide range of musicians.

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