The DW-26 is the world’s smallest 2.4G wireless microphone system, including three different microphone transmitters (dongle), and a mini-receiver that is a solution to convert the wired microphone system you are currently using into a wireless system. You no longer need to worry about messy wires and limitations caused by the wires, now you can move freely and make your surroundings look quite refreshing and comfortable. Operation is also very easy and can be used right away upon powering up without any complicated frequency selection and pairing procedures.

The DW-26 uses a 2.4G frequency band without a license application, and can be used all over the world without mobile communication 4G signal interference. Paired with an automatic frequency hopping function, it allows the microphone to automatically search for the strongest wireless signal in the surrounding area and quickly switch to that channel to avoid interference. 16bit resolution and 48KHz digital audio sampling can deliver quality of sound better than the CD’s, and provide full range dynamic sound without compression and expansion processing to present rich, full and natural sound.

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