8-harmonic box is a professional sound box for Chinese Classical Music Study. Aiming to fit the hearing of the guys who study Chinese Classical Music, such as Guzheng, Pipa, Erhu and else. Taking the elements of Chinese Classical musical instrument, Historic Building, Furniture and Lacquer-ware into the ID design. The new harmonic overtone decomposition replay function is a particular electronic sound technology, it works together with the surround wooden tone conformation to make a perfectly sound effect. Having no confirmed pitch in Chinese music. Players must use ‘quiver’, ‘press’, ‘slip’ and else finger acts to let music heard harmonious. These finger acts change the pitch and tone to decide the charm of Chinese Classical Music. But at the same time, letting Chinese Classical Music to replay become very difficult. 8-harmonic Box is born for this problem, it replay the harmonic tone perfectly and can supply a real music field sound for people to appreciate and study. Moreover, the design is created a saving power system between circuit and structure. The product can pay lower molding development costs and more environment friendliness thinking because the wooden material use.

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