Brand new Putter with a lot of advantages in a singulary combination.
A Putter must adjust to the golfer, not vice versa. A “wrong” Putter forces into a bad adress position. Only good statics enables good dynamics.

The most essential advantages of EasyPutter:
– stands alone on teh green – enables easy and precise alignment from behind the putter -> in one line: Traget, Ball, Putter, Eye
– Great range for Adjustingr by changing the weight within 6 oz within seconds – also works great to adjust for different green. (Worldwide the biggest range and the finest adjustement.)
– Probably the only putter with stepless variability of lie angle (Angle of the Shaft)
– Probably the highest MOI of all Putters worldwide – makes it so easy to deliver the putter face square at impact
– CNC-Manufacturing with high-quality materials

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