Made of 99% pure titanium, PVD coated with a patented folding mechanism that combines these golf fork, stylish design with high comfort – both in practical use as well as in custody in your pocket. Production is carried out using the latest CNC technology exclusively “Made in Hamburg”. Name and mechanics are pattern protected by law. The Golf fork is part of the equipment of every golfer. When not in use, the question arises: “Where to put it? Desire for matching the equipment, freedom of movement, integrity of the clothes, union of form and function. Through the folding mechanism, the “cocoon” is in shape changeable: in case of need their teeth are ready for immediate use, not in use, they are securely stored in the body. Residual sediments at the fork to stay until the next time you open it also. An abrasion-resistant surface coating (coating) can be decorative and creative design variations. The strong robustness of the Titans makes the golf fork can also be used under extreme mechanical loads. Due to its light weight and design it is beyond comfortable to hold.

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