YESOUL Smart Cycling takes the courses of fitness instructor to the user’s living room by the Internet live streaming technology. Simple and elegant design style lead to the new fashion of home fitness equipment. The bike’s head integrated a 19.5 inch smart touch screen with YESOUL APP, which can realize the live streaming of coach, courses on demand and the management of exercise data, and make users at home able to get real-time guidance; Only the top medical rehabilitation equipment will be equipped with the power sensor, and the user’s motion data can be immediately output, which greatly improve the scientific and validity of training.
“V” structure frame engineered from ground up to provide maximum stability and compactness. The wire is all-hidden designed. The pulling-type resistance regulating stem is embedded in the bike head to avoid the movement track of the legs to make the move without any obstacles. Belt transmission, magnetic brake, precision casting. All sophisticated configurations and processes go beyond the similar products, the only in the world.

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