Portable spring resistance training XBT is an innovative training device of the latest generation for strength and endurance training. Hand and foot loops are used to connect the extremities to a spring mechanism incorporated in a belt worn around the hips. So each time the ropes are pulled out, the legs and arms are strengthened by the additional resistance provided by the spring. The intensity of the resistance is adjustable according to the user’s preferences and capacity. Portable, effective and ergonomic – XBT perfectly meets modern user needs for self-determined, free training methods in contrast to both the artificially restrictive corset of training machinery and the boredom of repetitive movement procedures that characterizes other training concepts. This unique product concept is based on new insights derived from advanced training theory, thus giving you all the individuality and flexibility you might wish for. And last but not least, the design of the product reflects the dynamics of its application. So form plays an important role in creating a holistic user experience for physical health, fitness and lasting enthusiasm.

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