The Withings Go is a highly intuitive activity and sleep tracker featuring an always on E Ink display that enables anyone to seamlessly embrace activity tracking and achieve successful outcomes. Withings Go’s full automatic activity recognition technology for walking, running, swimming and sleeping, is a unique technical differentiator that makes the user experience effortless. Its functional and aesthetic design leaves behind confusing, hard to read interfaces and control schemes. E Ink technology allows an “at a glance” reading and implies painless interaction than other activity trackers, and the versatile form factor delivers a seamless “wear it your way” experience. The always-on screen displays daily activity progress, and can be switched to a time display in one click. To solve the issue of abandonment that most activity trackers face today, the Withings Go has been designed to have an 8-month battery life and to be water resistant, which guarantees its long term use and its capacity to have a real impact on the user’s health. Data is also made available in a dedicated application that incorporates a timeline with daily reports and contextualized advice to support efforts.

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