Tomahawk® IC7 – the most advanced Indoor Cycle ever designed. Its pioneering form and function is largely attributed to the development of Indoor Cycling’s first 2-stage drivetrain. The low-profile design provides engineering freedom at the center of the bike where large pulleys limit traditional bike design. This direction is by no means limited to appearance; the 2-stage drivetrain empowers the market’s most accurate (+-1%) direct Wattrate® (Power) meter, 100-step precision magnetic resistance, 1:11 ratio high-speed flywheel, and an unrivalled ‘connection’ to the ride from a hybrid ‘Poly-V’ and ‘Tooth’ belt technology. Last but not least, the construction of the 2-stage drivetrain provides the efficiencies needed to ensure the bike is fully ‘self-powered’. The bike’s performance metrics are delivered to the rider via the patent-pending Coach By Color® Training Console – a console that vividly displays the users’ effort/power, to them and their coach, in 5 colored zones. Designing a bike to improve the ‘athlete’s’ performance with the artistry to communicate to the ‘fitness user’ is our greatest achievement. The IC7 will advance ‘group’ and ‘team’ cycling.

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