The watertight pelvic floor trainer from Elvie made from silicone strengthens and tightens the pelvic floor muscle: before, during and after pregnancy. The elegantly shaped training device from Elvie with its sleek design is made from high-grade silicone and was designed by women for women. It is easy to use and can be controlled using a free app on your smartphone via Bluetooth to digitally monitor your personal goals for your pelvic floor exercises. The small and discreet fitness tracker was awarded the Red Dot in recognition of its understated design.

Fitness device for the PC muscle

The fitness device from Elvie is suited to special kegel exercises for the PC muscle and creates a whole new incentive for regular training. Many women suffer from weak pelvic floor muscles, particularly after pregnancy. The PC muscle is not visible and is found in both sexes between the pubic bone and the tailbone. It holds the pelvic organs in the area of the pelvic floor, and unfortunately is often forgotten about. It is a muscle like any other in our body and needs regular exercise and training.

This can be done using the Elvie fitness tracker, which women can use to train preventively before pregnancy and to continue the exercises after the birth. It has an ergonomic shape, is made from medical grade silicone, is 100% waterproof and has passed rigorous testing. An optional cover that provides custom sizing, a USB charging cable and a carry case are included in the delivery scope.

Elvie app: Intimate fitness that is fun and motivating

Intimate fitness is fun with the corresponding Elvie app. It is instructive, visual and corrective, so that the training units can be carried out effectively. Using a patented system with force and motion sensors, the pelvic floor muscle can regain strength and shape. The free Elvie app is an application with reliable instructions that is compatible with iPhone 4S or higher and android smartphones from 4.3 or higher. It visualises the five-minute workouts in real time, provides bio feedback and at the same time uses six unique exercises to motivate users to improve from beginner’s level to medium and on to advanced. Regular app updates also add new games to the training plan.

Product features

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