The Office Bike from Skandika Fitness allows you to workout anywhere in your private and professional environment . Training with up to 60 watts of power allows endurance training and calorie consumption in all places where you normally just sit . The elaborate design with piano -black finish makes your exercise equipment into an eye- catching, modern design perfect for your office or home.
The technology is based on magnetic drive system via a flywheel made of stainless steel and is not only maintenance-free, but also guarantees a smooth and silent rotation. Forward and reverse running mode allows the loading of various muscle groups. From a couch or other back-friendly seats acts your Office bike as a recumbent bike . Also Yoga Cycling while lying is possible. The wide seat provides a relaxed good pose. Two-sided usable pedals facilitate the training in different positions.
A permanent power of 40 watts at 50 rpm, allows a training where it is possible to work at the desk or to train while reading or watching TV. A three-piece crankshaft with safety cover guarantees the quality and durability of your sports equipment .

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