For the first time ever, MYCYCLING, the innovative indoor cycle training product, introduces TNT™ (Technogym Neuromuscular Training™), the Technogym-patented system that will enable you to improve the qualities that you need when cycling on the road.With sessions lasting between just 40 and 70 minutes, TNT continuously varies pedalling cadence and power, changing the way you train forever.
Every section, every curve and every detail of the frame has been designed to guarantee optimum pedalling resistance, stability and quality, for a unique training experience every time.
To improve your efficiency in the saddle, the MYCYCLING™ app provides you with continuous feedback on the circularity and symmetry of your pedalling technique. The torque flange analyses each 360° pedal revolution in real time, while the optical sensor monitors the pushing symmetry between your right and left legs (patent pending).

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