Motiv Ring is the first highly advanced micro wearable and only tracker that solves the problem of unsatisfied demand by changing the way people measure activity, heart rate and sleep. Motiv Ring directly addresses the pain points of the space: you can wear it around the clock, it tracks data that matters, and is easy to understand. Motiv is pioneering the pack of forward-thinking “disappearing” wearables. A micro wearable is the future of wearables—it’s subtle, discreet and nearly invisible. The biggest obstacle was fitting the amount of electronics needed to deliver top-notch functionality into such a small system. Creating a highly advanced micro wearable in the form of a ring was a challenge—Motiv was determined to create something that could be worn not just sometimes, but all the time. Many wearables on the market don’t provide an accurate 24-hour take on wellness because of size, fit and overall form factor; but that’s what consumers are looking for. Wearables have a responsibility to educate us and deliver a more well-rounded knowledge of our bodies and of our health—yet many current wearables on the market forget this, focusing on a workout as opposed to a lifestyle.

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