Modius is the only product on the market to use a first of its kind patented neurotechnology to non-invasively stimulate the brain and promote a reduction in body fat. The sleek and ergonomic headset was designed to activate the brain’s epicenter of weight issues – the hypothalamus. In layman’s terms, Modius targets the root of the problem, the brain, while others treat the symptoms shown by the body. The device is simple to use and controlled via a user’s phone or tablet with each session and associated weightless recorded over time.

For the first time in the history of humankind, people can use their brain to manage how lean/fat they are. The effects of this type of stimulation are backed by decades of rigorous research into the hypothalamus system and the hypothalamus itself. For the first time, Modius brings this knowledge to the masses as a safe, affordable consumer product.

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