The Modern Movement® M-Pad™ is a revolutionary balance and strength trainer offering interactive tracking software, which allows users to measure and track improvement in balance and agility. Whether the user’s goal is to improve or regain functional balance, or improve agility for sports and athletics, the M-Pad offers all the tools to reach one’s goals. With the M-Trac™ app, working out is transformed into a live gaming experience. Featuring three attachable base pads that increase the level of difficulty, this groundbreaking balance and strength trainer progresses with users as their skills improve. Designed for all fitness levels, the M-Pad features a low step-on height, allowing those with no balance training experience to gain confidence quickly. In addition, the M-Pad provides a wider range of motion and does not limit users to side-to-side or back-to-front movement. This replicates real life motion and provides a better method for improving balance and agility while actively engaging and strengthening core muscles. The M-Pad can be used at a standing desk, at the gym or at home, and is easily transported in a gym bag or backpack.

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