The Mio Slice Band and PAI App is a fitness tracking system not just for extreme athletes but for everyone who wants to live healthier. It is the first fitness wearable that provides all-day heart rate tracking and a Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) score -the most scientifically meaningful way to track all your activity, motivating you to stay healthy.

PAI was created with data from the HUNT study at The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, one of the world’s largest health studies involving more than 45,000 people over 25 years. Rather than just using steps, PAI’s revolutionary algorithm encouraging users to emphasize moderate to high-intensity exercise and gives them a simple number goal to achieve to live a longer, healthier life. We developed the Slice wearable band and PAI app in order to take this extremely complex science and create an intuitive user experience.

The Slice interface is designed to be a simple one-button input and created delightful animations to celebrate key moments like reaching 100 PAI. We selected premium materials such as satin aluminum for the button and sensor housing, stainless steel for the clasp, and medical grade TPU for the band.

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