Instabeat is the first waterproof heads-up monitor that tracks, stores, and displays instant visual feedback of the swimmers’ heart rate on their goggles to optimize their workout and achieve their goals.

The visual display is an array of colored LEDs placed on the lower left side of the goggles’ lens, it is intuitive and visible to avoid distracting the swimmers. It reflects in real-time the heart rate zone: Blue for fat burning, Green for fitness, and Red for maximum performance. The data syncs to an online dashboard via USB to visualize the heart rate, laps and turns vs. time, along with a summary of the distance, speed and calories burned, and to share the results with the community!

Instabeat was designed with a priority to reduce friction: by maximizing the width, the drag coefficient is as low as 0.1. The one shot molding process ensures the water tightness of the device, who is enclosed by both a PC cover and a TPE layer.

Instabeat’s uniqueness lies in the combination of its waterproof robust manufacturing, belt-free frictionless heart rate and motion sensors, its modular design that mounts on any type of swimming goggles, and its connection to the online world.

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