The „Heimathlet“ is an innovative piece of fitness furniture that integrates exercise and health related sports into your everyday living area. Its intelligent interaction between functionality and design blends in perfectly and improves generally the quality of your domestic ambience.
The rungs, which are bent forward, reveal in combination with gym rings and a mat the same fitness potential as an actual gym. Functional training through functional design. Muscle building, muscle endurance training, rehabilitation, yoga or Pilates – the „Heimathlet“ provides the proper offer for every fitness need. In addition it serves as an easy regulatable cantilever chair for every size. The associative design resembles a strong comely bull to prod its beholder to exercise, freely adapted from the german slogan: „wake your inner bull“.
Its remarkably shaped free-swinging seat, combined with warm and natural materials, creates a relaxing refuge and refreshes the body after a phase of easing.
The use of renewable and recyclable resources, as well as the avoidance of synthetics, is beneficial not only to the environment but also to human health.

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