Force is a powerful, advanced wireless activity and sleep tracking-wristband that redefines fitness tracking by fusing fitness and fashion with the most sophisticated software and sensors. Its sleek, unobtrusive form allows you to comfortably wear the Force all day and night. It is the first and only tracker to offer real-time access to all-the-best tracking stats directly on users’ wrists including steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes and stairs climbed, while at night it monitors your sleep quality and wakes you gently with a silent vibrating alarm.

Force is the first and only activity tracking wristband to feature an OLED display for real-time access to stats, the time, plus smart call notifications right on the wrist, making it the most robust tracker in the category. The display also shows a goal progress bar and rewards you with motivational animations and vibrations to celebrate success. Force syncs effortlessly, automatically and in real-time through Bluetooth 4.0 to leading smartphones and tablets. Also, with select NFC-enabled Android phones, just tap your device to launch the app. Battery life 7-10 days.

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