FitQuest is a Fitness measurement machine where the fitness assessment takes less than four minutes during which the FitQuest combines five tasks into four simple exercises plus Heart rate recovery and Body Mass composition analysis, derives measurements from each and compiles them into an overall Fitness Quotient (FQ™) and eight parameters, from which it provides an overall fitness assessment.
The measurements are
-Explosive leg power
-Upper Body Strength
-Lower Body strength
-Upper body endurance
-Lower Body endurance
-Speed Ability
-Cardiovascular Strength
FitQuest measures human performance for an individual with accurate and reliable results and compares this to a data set of over 50000 users. . The test can be performed without supervision and the individual or their professional advisor can refer back to them at a later time. The results are stored to allow tracking and comparison of results over time allowing a training regimen to be tailored to address areas of weakness.

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