Address: Russia, Moscow
Architectural Office: VOX Architects
Photo: Sergey Ananiev

Fitness club «World Class Olympic» – the third realized club of the chain designed by the studio VOX Architects. The main space of this club is a swimming pool.
The project provides for the reconstruction of an already existing pool, so the goal was to implement the project as soon as possible without interrupting the club’s operation for a long time. At the core of the World class concept is a strong contrast of shapes, materials and colors, giving rise to a powerful dynamic.
The pool is divided into two main zones: the entrance zone with a lowered ceiling – red-saturated – sensual, carnal and material and, the main zone of the pool – with raised arches and smooth white forms, flying, weightless standing on a large blue water field.
The light concept is determined by the absence of visible and rigidly-directed light sources: interior light is diffuse and full of reflections from large shapes and planes.
The project was implemented in two months.

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