The Canali Method is based on posture re-programming studies conceived and developed by Vicenzo Canali. The application to the Canali System machines is based on a “postural rotation” system that permits constant muscular work and does not cause problems to the spine. This is why when we speak of the future, we already have it on our back.

By combining the benefits of an auxotonic and postural method and system for the first time, Canali System offers unprecedented results. The auxotonic posture rotation machines result in fast, balanced and customised development of the body in complete safety, preventing joint problems and avoiding trauma from iterative load.
All Canali System machines bear the mark of a great Italian industrial designer, the Farinatti Design studio. An extraordinary synthesis of practicality and beauty that wins you over at first glance.
You work with your own body to regulate the load. A simple adjustment allows you to calibrate the load from 2% to 300% of your weight; a woman of 50 kilos can vary the machine’s load from 1 to 125 kilos, while a 100 kilo professional can operate within a range from 2 to a maximum of 250 kilos.

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