The new Carving Balance provides the unique, patented Carving-movement: This is balance training in its purest form of muscle activity and involvement.
While performing the lateral movement you will turn away from the circular base causing your body to get out of balance. This imbalance generates maximum muscle activity. The movement requires intensive human energy and therefore also burns an unprecedented amount of calories.
To perfectly underline this humanitarian movement its design has been completely rethought, creating a fitness ‘devices’ that redefines old icons. Its sympathetic form shows it is there for you. Unlike most other fitness devices this object won’t make you feel misunderstood. Its form provides a steady base which has no sensation of speed since the emphasis is on yourself, the one who is moving.
Carving Balance exists of perfectly designed hi-quality parts which together envision the total. Care for materials, details and user-friendliness is what sets this object apart from the rest. The top cover is available in six different colours of hi-end synthetic leather. In use or not in use, the object will look good and aims to refresh its sector of the industry.

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