The cardiostrong TF70 is an innovative treadmill with a unique design. For maximum training comfort it is equipped with the revolutionary flex deck absorption system. It provides excellent shock absorption that makes training on this treadmill very joint-friendly and silent. The smooth surface even facilitates a higher calorie consumption than common treadmills. Because of its individual adjustability the TF70 is a machine for the whole family. You can even change the angle of the console corresponding to your needs and preferences. Beside the great looking running deck, the open frame design is definitely an eyecatcher and unique. The resistance system consists of a strong Motor that does continuous 2.5 horsepower which allows training speeds up to 18 km/h. Additionally the incline can be adjusted up to 15 degrees. Thanks to the hydraulic support system the treadmill can easily be folded and stored on little floorspace. In the design concept of the TF70 all components, even the display, match each other. Due to the special construction of the flex deck absorption system with the open frame and running deck design, the machine has a very unique look.

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