The C+ Healthcare Intelligent band is true wrist-wearable device for the body’s vital signs monitoring (Pulse Rate, Blood Oxygen Saturation Level and Skin Temp) and warning (vibration and LED blinking).Not like Traditional big-form-factor, complicated-operation, cost-expensive patient monitors, wearable and fashion design delivers comfortable 7×24 hours’ wearing to monitor body’s health status automatically (chronic Cardio-pulmonary patient outside hospital or sub-healthy people in their daily life). The design is based on invention of accurate measurement on the wrist (was finger), thanks to patented physiological signal capturing technology and algorithm analyzing process. Although C+ is in small form-factor, after clinical trials and proving, its measurement accuracy is almost identical to the traditional patience monitor widely used in hospitals. Synchronized with paired APP, the C+ system could do data storing, historical review, clinical analyzing, healthcare advising and information sharing (to the doctor). The application scenario could be expanded to provide Cloud Medical Treatment, the elderly community healthcare service, auxiliary data support for doctor diagnosis, etc.

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