The Bowflex® HVT™ machine has reinvented the traditional home gym by allowing users of all fitness levels to complete two workouts in one and see amazing results. The HVT machine offers hybrid velocity training – a revolutionary new approach to fitness that combines cardio and strength training into one of the fastest, most effective workouts ever designed. In as little as 18 minutes and 20 seconds, everyone – from beginners to seasoned pros – can burn more calories and build lean muscle.

The HVT machine’s dynamic coaching console features three, pre-programmed workout modes, resistance adjustment at the turn of a dial, and an intuitive interface that provides instant feedback to keep users motivated and on track.

With built-in Bluetooth® smart technology and the free HVT app, users can choose pre-built workouts or customize their own from 50 trainer-led exercise videos that guide them every step of the way – allowing users to go at their own pace through the full-body circuit.

Built on a compact platform, the HVT’s space-saving tower design incorporates a six-pulley system combined with a fan-based resistance engine to cater to users of all abilities.

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