The bellicon Jumping Fitness unites the advantages of the German high quality trampoline brand bellicon® and the well-renown design of the unique Jumping Fitness® label. The patented holder-system makes it possible to mount the included T-bar within a matter of seconds. Adjusting the height for users of any height is as simple as it gets. The patented bungee mounting guarantees the finest jumping experience. The 54’’ wide premium-quality steel frame with a matte-black powder coating finish as well as the tear-resistance mat available in four different colours make the bellicon® Hexagon a stylish must-have for any fitness fan. If you ever need to transport or stow the bellicon® Hexagon away, the T-bar and trampoline legs can be dis- and remounted shortly. The innovative, six-edged design makes it possible for studio owners to staple up to 24 bellicon® Jumping Fitness on top of each other. That makes it the most space-efficient piece of fitness equipment.

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