The P100 Treadmill is built out of Avant-garde and Minimalist Sensory design, providing various colour choices fulfilling life with beautiful scene. Light and handy volume, it makes the multi-dimensional sensory experience possible and fitful to multi-scene application. Fordable Skeleton and handrails offers a intimate storage and save plenty of room. Adjustable slope and Multiple speed mode make running at customer’s will. Quadruple Anti-slip and Buffer Runway keep safety, while sleeping function saves data and allows a customized rest.
Further more, the Ultra-clear LCD screen achieves wisdom at simple fingertips. It shows more than Time, Speed and Mode choice, but Heart Rate, Calorie, Step counter and Distance sensing facilitating measurement and control. Equipped with multi-functional in one, different state of exercising, monitoring and relaxing makes relaxation more sensible and visible. Personal and customized enjoyment is always what we concerns most. Adjustable Support facilitates electronic devices operations. For example, Bluetooth music, Internet connection as well as USB battery charging achieve mental enjoyment while exercising.

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