Amazfit is a smart wearable device that tracks user’s activity and sleep, sends vibration alerts for incoming calls, wakes up its user gently during light sleep, controls smart home devices such as lights and locks. To stand out from the crowded fitness tracker market, Amazfit uniquely positioned itself as a fashion brand to attract fashion conscious consumers. Amazfit products played a key role in establishing this brand image. The center module along with a series of accessories offers the user a wide selection of styles. No matter the user is wearing a formal dress, a T-shirt or a sport outfit, he/she is able to find an accessory that fits to the outfit and occasion. Simple and pure, the ceramic center module has been reduced to its essential. The ring shape is inspired by traditional jade pendant that symbolizes happy and healthy life in Chinese culture. Not only delicate and beautiful, the innovative use of ceramic material gives Amazfit advantages not found in other wearable products, such as being hypoallergenic and scratch resistant. Amazfit is water resistant. It can be wirelessly charged and one charge lasts 10 days.

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