We are proud to deliver miCoach SMART RUN to runners worldwide. This device is the most advanced and intuitive wrist based running device on the market. For the first time, runners will be able to track their runs using GPS mapping, monitor their heart rate off their wrist, listen to their favorite music wirelessly over Bluetooth® stereo headsets as well as get real-time coaching – all in a single yet simple, color touch screen running watch. As a result, there is no more need for athletes to hassle with various external sensors anymore, miCoach SMART RUN merges a total of 5 separate pieces of equipment a runner needs today into a single product. Finally, after a workout SMART RUN automatically synchronizes data over Wi-Fi to the online training platform on micoach.com. No interaction from the user needed. However it’s not just latest technology which sets the SMART RUN apart. As part of the miCoach online training system, it truly unlocks human potential by making smart training easy and accessible. Whether the user is just starting to run, training for a 10k or competing in another marathon, SMART RUN will make any user’s training more efficient and effective – simply smart.

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