Another world innovation of GMG as a logical stylish response to a growing problem on the basis of a new contemporary design icon. The Yepp Cargo is an unique series of foldable carrier baskets in different materials and suitable for mounting on existing and special Cargo carriers.
Due to their big dimensions current trendy crates are an increasingly problem in parking spaces where (too) much space is being taken up in public or
semi-public bike racks or in your shed at home.
By simply folding the Yepp Cargo it saves space and uses the parking space more effectively and efficiently. In combination with the slim exclusive Cargo carrier an optimal result is being achieved. The patented Cargo series offers a wide choice of hard and soft materials in different colours and designs. Exclusive OEM versions are an extra option.
In addition to the foldable Cargo baskets, separate Cargo shopping bags will become available.
The Yepp Cargo can also be mounted on any rear carrier with identical advantages in storing and parking.

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