Yedoo Alloy, our new line of scooters with its flagship, the largest Yedoo Wolfer model, boasts an innovative, brand new lightweight frame built from bent aluminum profiles. Its unique construction doesn’t just look cool but also makes for riding properties on which even the most performance-focused rider can rely. The front frame profile is designed to handle the varied stresses typical of long-wheelbase scooters. The profile consists of two oval chambers connected by two crossbars. For improved durability,the profile is cut and opened at both ends,allowing both head-tube and footboard bracing. The narrow footboard profile allows for a lower kick-off height which makes for a more comfortable, effortless ride. Plus,the trapezoid geometry enables maximum lean into turns. The footboard is equipped with a heel guard to protect the rider from contact with the rear wheel and to increase maneuverability. With a two-position rear wheel mounting, adjusting footboard height to adapt to varied riding surfaces takes just a matter of seconds. This design sophistication also applies to all those little details, like brake cable routing and optional anti-slip straps in the footboard grooves.

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