The influx of new standards over recent years has led to a mass of combinations when it comes to bottom brackets, cranks, and chainrings. There’s a panacea, however, and it goes by the name XMOD. The XMOD crankset from Miranda is a study in how to do cranksets: with a coherent modular setup, riders will always find a pleasing combination of spindle, spider, and cranks for any cycling type, mountain, road or trekking. Guaranteeing the ultimate flexibility, this modular crankset also enables convenient upgrades and peace of mind that compatibility won’t be sacrificed when changing your frame. Instead of having to buy a new crankset, using the XMOD system you could quickly switch from 2x to 1x, exchange the axle to suit different bottom brackets, or alter the chainline, which saves both money and grey hairs. The XMOD also ranks amongst the lightest, cranksets out there, with an enduro version for harsh terrains weightning an astonishing 424g, while the road counterpart can achieve weights of 580g with the unique Dual:1 cold forged direct mount chainring.

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