VELLO bike the high performance folding bicycle.
The specially developed folding mechanism combined with a magnetic shock absorber ensures that the rear wheel canbe brought forward with a simple rotary movement. This enables the bike to be wheeled along everywhere; you canpush it into a narrow lift or onto the subway. The front and rear lights are integrated into the frame and the foldablefenders protect your clothing in all types of weather. Its 20” wheels make the overall size of the bike smaller and more responsive, perfect for the city where many stop-go motions are part of your everyday commute.

VELLO bike has a number of innovations:
1) New folding system. The bike can be folded in half with one move and in one second.
2) A magnet release + suspension in one: specially developed magnet release system combined with rear suspension.
3) Front- and backlights integrated into seat post clamps (design patent). You can ride at any time of day or nightwithout having to think about bringing your bicycle lights along and, as they are integrated.
4) Folding mudguards They has been designed especially for the VELLO as it allows the bike to be fold.

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