The TiGr® Lock is a titanium bicycle lock that is Smart, Versatile, Elegant, Light, Tough and Easy to use. It is as elegant as your bike and built to last.

The TiGr® Lock is takes a new approach to bicycle security by employing an innovative design and unconventional use of materials to deliver more bicycle theft protection per gram than other traditional designs.

The elongated titanium shackle straps neatly to the top tube of the bike without visually breaking the elegant lines of the bike while in transit. The lock cylinder fits comfortably in a pocket or bag. The shape and flexibility of the titanium shackle makes it easy to secure both-wheels, or multiple bikes, with one device.

The 32mm wide TiGr® Locks are the lightest ART® certified lock in the u-lock, chain or folding lock categories. ART® is a world renowned independent lock testing agency.

The design is extremely simple and is comprised of a minimum number of parts.

The basic design foundation of the TiGr® Lock (US Patent 8,596,102) provides a platform for other embodiments and applications beyond bicycle security.

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