Tiny but tenacious, Stix bicycle lights pack a bright wide-angle punch yet it lives an understated and integrated part on your bike. With six operating modes and up to 62 hours of to-be-seen illumination, you’ll have weeks worth of dependable riding ahead of you. Folding back the flexible hood on the simple light reveals a full-size USB tab that eliminates the need to carry a separate charging cable. A full charge takes only one hour in any USB port. The USB tab does double duty as part of the mounting system, with the flexible hood securing the light. Every Stix light includes a flexible silicone strap mount that can be used on handlebars and seatposts, or even seatstays and fork blades. Sold separately are innovative mounts to install Stix lights on aero seatposts, backpacks, helmets, saddles, racks, and even an arm/leg band to use when jogging or to prevent pant cuffs from being caught in the bicycle chain. The most ingenious mounting option uses a special headset spacer with a quick-release plastic yoke that integrates the Stix headlight into the front of the bike to provide safety without cluttering the rider’s bike.

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