A foldable compact bicycle created to satisfy users’ needs of more easy to fold, carry, and stow.
According to a survey, 80% of foldable bicycle users replied that they actually never fold their bikes. Some of the reasons were; 1)it is troublesome to fold/unfold, 2)it is difficult for women and children to fold, 3)it is not easy for transportation even when folded.
In order to resolve this dissatisfaction, this item was planned not only considering about carrying and folding, but also with a new idea of indoor stowing which prevents theft and dirt.
When a normal foldable bicycle usually takes more than 30 seconds to fold, this bicycle only takes 3 seconds by just sliding the lever.
There is no need to lift the bike even after it is folded since the tires would move smoothly by pushing the saddle.
Different from existing foldable bicycles, it is easier for both women and children to fold and carry.
In addition to this unique function, comfortableness is fully considered, with six-speed transmissions, and a case to prevent chains from getting caught.

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