Bicycles are one of the most eco-friendly forms of transportation, but the bicycle market today can be intimidating. There are special customizations for every type of person and activity, and technical specifications that only experts can understand. The SLADDA project team has applied IKEA’s heritage of accessibility and created a game-changing bike that breaks all the rules – it’s multi-gender, simple to use, and rigorously tested to support a sustainable lifestyle for a broad range of people. The team wanted the frame to be gender and activity neutral, yet able to transform between semi-active and relaxed riding styles. Every detail is designed to make life as simple as possible for the user – like the rust and oil free belt drive that lasts for 50,000 km, the automatic gears, and the click-in knob system for hooking on and off accessories like baskets and racks. The bike is built entirely of high quality materials, can be stored outside without rusting and its frame comes with a 25-year warranty – all to make it as sustainable as possible for people and the environment. IKEA SLADDA will not only expand IKEA’s offering to a new sector, it will change the urban bicycle market.

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