The Science beneath the Design. Selle Royal, along with researchers at the German Sport University Cologne, have applied theory, data, and methods to bicycle saddle research in an attempt to unmask the fundamental design characteristics essential to optimising well-being and overall cycling performance. The result is SCIENTIA. Scientia is a saddle line that offers a range saddles fit every user. The unique aspect of the fit strategy requires users to measure their ischial distance whilst in the riding position. The SCIENTIA range is comprised of 9 saddles, scientifically designed to suit each individual, according to the 3 riding positions (Athletic, Moderate and Relaxed) and 3 body sizes (S, M, L). Featuring a longer pressure relief channel, the scientifically-researched shape design furthermore guarantees optimum comfort.This range of saddle is padded with 3D Skingel, where Royalgel™ is placed strategically according to the anatomical needs of the rider whilst maintaining pressure reduction on the perineal and ischial areas up to 40%. An innovative design for added comfort is delivered by the the exclusive lateral rail, a brand-new suspension rail not attached to the saddle base.

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